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Networking is a great way to connect with like-minded professionals and share resources, knowledge and referrals. Chapin Hill’s founder, Kathy Boyle, has built her business entirely through networking. Kathy loves to connect her network with one another for the benefit of all.

She has fostered her connections through the establishment of her Breakfast Clubs and NYC Networking Extravaganza’s. Many members of Chapin Hill’s network are part of an extended set of trusted resources who can offer our clients expertise in a given area. Our network often works within a similar target market so sharing and connecting expands the potential for everyone. Our network is comprised of members of Bedford Breakfast Club, Ridgefield Breakfast Club and our NYC Networking Extravaganza.

Chapin Hill Advisors launched their Circle of Influence in 2017 to utilize technology to foster ways for our network to connect. Each member has a mini profile page with contact information as well as content about their products or services.  Our Circle of Influence is invitation only. One must either personally be invited by Kathy Boyle or recommended by another member of the Circle.

Members are encouraged to get to know one another if they have not met at various functions and events hosted by Chapin Hill. Members also offer discounts to other members of our Circle of Influence. Chats are orchestrated by Chapin Hill to allow the network to interact with one another and help to offer advice and counsel to one another. Our Circle of Influence includes entrepreneurs, CEO’s of mid-sized businesses as well as senior service professionals.

Over time, additional benefits will be offered to our members. For more information about joining our Circle of Influence email


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