Chapin Hill Advisors

Transition Planning

An ideal time for one to take stock of their personal financial picture is when facing a life transition. Divorce, the loss of a spouse or partner, receipts of an inheritance, the sale of a home or property, a sale of a business or planning for a sale, having children, etc. Each of these life events present a great time to stop, measure, take stock and think about the future.

Is your current advisor providing you with the best advice and what you need? Have they helped you plan out your lifestyle, expenses, review inflation and risk tolerance and tailor your portfolio to your specific goals and objectives? Have they reviewed tax effects with you and taken those into account in planning?

How much will this transition affect your current and future lifestyle? Are you now free to enjoy some of your personal passions? Will you have time to play golf or tennis, take that cruise, visit those exotic locales or help out others? Or are you worried about your new single life, your children and whether you should sell your home and move?

Chapin Hill Advisors' process in a Life Assessment can help you determine your future lifestyle needs, factor in inflation, additional expenses, assess what risks might derail your plans, account for any taxes due and review whether your investment portfolio is positioned to support your future goals.

Our goal is to take in to account your personal "real life" issues, assess multiple possible outcomes and review strategies to mitigate possible risks and help you plan out a secure future.