Chapin Hill Advisors

Same-Sex Consulting

Same sex couples face unique issues in their planning as they do not benefit from the same estate tax and inheritance tax exemptions which benefit heterosexual couples. Therefore, careful thought and planning is needed to evaluate the best way to protect each partner in the event of a premature death or illness of their partner.
Chapin Hill's approach to Life Assessments helps couples plan for their future and create a roadmap. We take in to account lifestyle, both discretionary and non-discretionary expenses, titling and ownership of assets, titles and ownership of assets, beneficiary designations and the tax effects of inheriting money from a partner. We illustrate multiple sets of possible future scenarios and present various strategies to attempt to mitigate risks.

We review the broad spectrum of risks unique to planning for a secure future for same sex couples including health insurance coverage, succession planning, power of attorney designees and other critical issues as well as planning for children if they are in the picture.

We address both macro and micro issues and review who would be the best guardian for children as well as trustees if needed. Our approach is unique, takes in to account preference for lifestyle and the different backgrounds and temperament of each partner as we plan for a secure future.