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We built this circle to include experts in a wide variety of fields who we trust to execute their services with integrity and professionalism. Finding great resources at the time you need them can be fraught with challenges. Making the wrong mistake in hiring an expert can be very costly.

Our circle allows our members to interact with one another for networking, business services, education and information. Non-members can find experts by searching categories.

As a member, you can post articles, answer questions, add video updates and comment on posts from other members. We encourage members to reach out and interact, connect over coffee or a phone call with other members to expand their networks and connect with other trusted professionals.

Your “home group” is wherever you are physically located or most of your business is based on geography. We have physical meet-ups as Breakfast Clubs in both Bedford, NY and Ridgefield, CT as well as three NYC Networking Extravaganzas where members can meet in person as well. We also host a Rooftop Soiree in July which is benefit of membership as it is a free-event in NYC.