My supply chain articles have been published by major business magazines and can be found on our website  “Guide/Articles” Tab.

In 1992, “3X/400 Information Management Magazine” wrote a case study about how SMC Data Systems helped their client SFI grow from a 6 to 35 million dollar company in 7 years. The case study of what SMC did was compared to Cardinal Distribution, a one-billion-dollar company which had its own computer department and can be found on my website

For the past 20 years, I have represented VAI award-winning software for the Manufacturing, Distribution, Food, Lumber and Pharma industries.

The Benefits of VAI’s Supply Chain Software:

  •  Increased inventory accuracy in the warehouse by 99%.
  • Pricing errors dropping by 80%.
  • Increase shipping throughput by 60%
  • Shipping accuracy of 99.95% on order lines shipped

My website  has VAI client’s success stories videos.

My “other life” consists of creative writing and photography. The ABOUT tab on the website has my autobiography that describes my background as a self-self-made man