Chapin Hill Advisors

Chapin Hill’s Circle of Influence

Kathy Boyle, president of Chapin Hill Advisors, Inc. is known as the epitome of Malcolm Gladwell’s “Connector”. She has built her entire business through networking. She speaks about the subject as well and provides strategies, tips and techniques on how any can build a fabulous network.

In providing planning services to CHA’s clients, a huge value-add is being able to deliver the right professional resource to their clients to execute and implement recommendations. Mistakes in hiring the wrong professional can be costly and time-consuming at a minimum. Searching for the right fit when you need a professional to assist you and your business or family is also a time-consuming venture.

Kathy continues to develop and foster her network of other professionals in a wide variety of roles and industries to be able to connect her clients and colleagues with valuable resources who are tried and true. Kathy enjoys bringing her network together in a professional setting with food to encourage conversation and connections.

Chapin Hill hosts events to bring together Kathy’s network to allow people to connect in person rather than on social media and email/phone. Meeting in person allows folks to determine if there is indeed a connection, a fit, a reason to discuss and further the relationship.

Chapin Hill’s Circle of Influence allows members of all of our network to connect with one another recognizing that they are trusted resources. Each member has a mini landing page to highlight their business and contact information. Members are encouraged to interact with one another and connect across all three groups. Articles can be submitted for publication and discussion groups around those articles will be orchestrated. Chapin Hill will help highlight member’s and their services. Members can be found by the general public by geography as well as specialty.


New York Extravaganza

Chapin Hill hosts a Networking Extravaganza’s three times a year in NYC hosted by law firms, accounting firms, banks, art galleries and private venues. Attendees in Kathy’s network are personally invited and attendance is limited to three per industry category. Gourmet food, wine tasting and ice-breakers on nametags facilitate interaction and connections between attendees and sponsors.

Bedford Breakfast Club

The Bedford Breakfast Club was founded in 2006, when Chapin Hill opened a small satellite office in Katonah, N.Y. and Kathy realized it was very difficult to meet the local business community. Each Chamber of Commerce focused on their own town, very little promotion of businesses was offered, few opportunities for connecting with others existed and there was a limited array of choices to actually meet for breakfast.  Kathy started a Breakfast Club with the intent of having breakfast on the front porch of the Katonah office.

What started in September 2006 with 13 people has grown to a network of over 300 business owners and professionals. Breakfasts are hosted in local stores and businesses providing a great deal of public relations and visibility to the local business. A gourmet breakfast is provided with gluten free and vegan options (all breakfasts are vegetarian and cruelty free) along with ice-breakers on nametags to encourage connections. Attendance is limited to 2 per industry to encourage diversity. A local not for profit is supported at each Breakfast Club with 30% of gross revenue donated to the charity from the $20 per person fee to attend. Attendees come from towns near and far and the opportunity to connect with folks one might never meet is what Kathy truly treasures. Fostering connections, awareness and business development for others is part of Kathy’s’ give back to society. 

Ridgefield Breakfast Club

In September 2015, Kathy decided to start a Breakfast Club in Ridgefield. Having grown up in town, she had a lot of friends there and regularly practices Bikram Yoga in town. Unlike Westchester, where each village or town may have 3,000 – 6,000 residents, Ridgefield has 27,000 residents. There is a robust Main Street and several other shopping centers so there is a wide variety of shops in which to host the Breakfast Club as well as a diverse group of businesses and professionals.

Attendance is not limited to only those from Ridgfield so business owners from the surrounding towns such as Wilton, New Canaan, South Salem and Katonah are also invited. There Breakfast Club continues to grow and add all kinds of new attendees which is part of the fun as connections keep expanding.