Chapin Hill Advisors


Finding a trusted advisor is a daunting task for many investors. Evaluating an advisor's services, ability to communicate, their dedication to each client, their ability to protect a client's investments and transparency on investing all present challenges for investors to evaluate.

Our consulting services often serve a dual purpose for our clients. By contracting to evaluate their risk profile, evaluate their current strategy and managers, assess their needs for liquidity going forward and coming up with solutions for multiple possible scenarios if a value added service in and of its own.

However, this consulting process also allows a client to get to know us. Do we speak their language? Communicate effectively and in a manner the client wants?

This process allows us to get to know the client very well providing us with the ability to create a tailored and personal investment approach. The depth of knowledge of a family's personal goals and history allows us to provide a value added advice going forward on a range of issues.