Chapin Hill Advisors

Financial Life Planning

When planning their next vacation, many people spend a vast amount of time and energy choosing the destination, accommodations, activities, length, transportation and how to keep the kids amused while the adults have some fun too.
Yet, we have found so many spend little time really delving in to their personal financial roadmap.

Our approach to family diagnostics and financial life assessments is to combine real-life risks and challenges which can face each family unit and combine those with the financial picture and multiple sets of future possibilities.

We review the total picture - up and down generations - to assess risk which could impede or possibly derail the family's financial security.

Our unique and proprietary approach is to evaluate worst case, moderate and best case scenarios and outline the risks which need to be addressed. We present a matrix of risks we have determined exist in the client's life along with a timeline and action steps. We remain in the picture after delivery of a plan to keep the client focused on executing action steps.

The client agrees to a timeline and the CHA team does its best to help the client execute and assess various solutions along the way. On the anniversary of the plan start date, we reassess the client's position and evaluate what actions have been accomplished and what new areas must be addressed. This approach allows the client to evaluate their progress and tailor the projections as life changes.