Chapin Hill Advisors

Mission Statement

Chapin Hill Advisors acts as a trusted advisor for our clients. We provide value-based advice tailored to each client’s personal situation. Our personal planning services are known as “life planning” as we base our planning and future scenarios on real-world experiences and situations. Our business consulting services take into account the how and why our clients got in to their business as well as their personal and family goals moving forward. We assist our business clients in creating strategic plans to either build the business for a future sale or to pass it to the next generation.

Trust is critical to each and every relationship. We maintain strict confidentiality regarding our clients’ financial situations and each team member is chosen for their integrity as well as abilities.

As independent advisors, we value our ability to objectively choose the best strategies for each client. We think globally and offer strategic recommendations to help meet the client’s needs which may include multiple tax issues and jurisdictions as well as complicated future planning needs.

We value each client and work to preserve their wealth as well as balance growth and stewardship for future generations.