Our Approach to Philanthropy
There is so much suffering in the world and most of us do not see it in our daily lives. We go about the daily chores of life, interacting with family and friends, working and supporting ourselves and our families. We do not see the children who are starving, the elderly who are home-bound, the family who has lost their home and is living in a shelter and the animals who are being tossed aside as families struggle to subsist or backyard breeders toss the unwanted animals.

At Chapin Hill Advisors, we believe that those of us who are blessed to have "enough" should give back to their community. Those of us who have our health, our families and do not have to worry about whether we have a roof over our heads or where our next meal is coming from have a responsibility to reach out to those less fortunate. It is too easy to get caught up in our day to day lives so giving back should be part of life.

We try to set an example by supporting our local community and raising awareness of both the needs as well as the organizations trying to solve the problem.

Chapin Hill has created several programs through the firm to help reach out. We encourage our employees to support their community through the Chapin Hill Advisors Employee Community Support Program. We host a number of events annual to help get the word out and support the not for profit community.


Supported Organizations
A New Chance Animal Rescue
A New Chance Animal Rescue is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to rescue dogs in need of homes and match them to a warm, loving, safe and healthy environment. We do not have a shelter or facility and rely solely on foster homes to house our dogs, so every foster home is another life saved.

Friends of Karen
The mission of Friends of Karen is to provide emotional, financial and advocacy support to children with a life-threatening illness and their families.

SPCA of Westchester
The SPCA of Westchester was founded in 1883 by Ossining resident Mary Dusenberry after she observed horses being mercilessly whipped and beaten as they trudged up nearby hills to deliver heavy loads of coal. Together with caring friends, she obtained land on which to build the Society's first home and established a fund to be used to prevent cruelty to animals. The SPCA is still located on the same spot, making it one of the oldest landholders in Briarcliff Manor. it is the only humane society in Westchester County empowered to enforce laws relating to animal cruelty. Despite this, the SPCA gets no federal, state, or county funds. So we rely solely on the financial support of people who care about the welfare of animals.

Hour Children & The Children's Center at Bedford Correctional Facility
Since 1986, Hour Children has provided supportive services to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women and their families. Hour Children provides these mothers with a place to live and an opportunity for a new life.

Katonah Museum of Art
The Katonah Museum of Art, through innovative exhibition and education programs, promotes the understanding and enjoyment of the visual arts for diverse audiences. The Museum presents exhibitions that explore ideas about art, culture and society -- past and present.

City Squash
CitySquash is a not-for-profit after-school enrichment program based in the Bronx at Fordham University. The organization helps motivated and talented young people from economically disadvantaged households in the Bronx fulfill their academic, athletic and personal potential.

St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters
a network of food and service programs for the poor that provides a wide range of services to feed, clothe, counsel and alleviate physical and emotional hunger in a dignified and supportive manner.

Creative Arts Workshop for Kids
Creative Arts Workshops for Kids (CAW) is a nonprofit organization that uses visual, performing, and technology arts and design to teach job and developmental skills to underserved youth ages 4 - 21 throughout Northern Manhattan. CAW offers free Saturday and After-school workshops, and full-time Summer jobs that empower youth to improve their leadership and creative problem-solving skills, appreciate consequence-based decision-making and build self-confidence and other tools for positive self-expression, while deepening the relationship between themselves, art and community to create positive change in their lives.


Employee Philanthropy Program
Each employee at Chapin Hill Advisors, Inc. is encouraged to choose a charity with which they have a personal connection or passion and become involved at some level of participation.

Chapin Hill Advisors, Inc. will then match the employee's financial contributions up to $250 per employee (one charity per employee per year). Furthermore, employees are allotted one free work day per year to physically work with their chosen charity. The employee is actively supported as they work in whatever capacity they find themselves. This may range from participation is a committee, helping to execute a gala, physically assisting the organization in executing their work, volunteering for a day, helping to setup a new project or helping to execute some pro-bono services for support in other areas.

Chapin Hill will selectively assist the organization(s) on a pro-bono basis for services which we normally provide under our non profit consulting area. These could be services ranging from assistance with board governance and composition, cash flow analysis, future cash flow projections, development of mission statements, compliance with UPMIFA (Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act), planned giving strategies, etc.

Annually, the employee's charities are entered in to an inter-office lottery to choose one for a greater level of support. The support could be the purchase of a table at the annual gala, purchase of an ad in a program guide, a greater level of financial assistance for a program or donation of an auction item at the annual gala.


Kathy's Personal Charities

Kathy serves on the Advisory Council for the New York City Chapter of the American Heart Association. Kathy is passionate about food and health. We cannot grow healthy and productive members of society without education about the proper diet, exercise and care for your bodies. Kathy is very supportive of the AHA's garden project which installs actual teaching gardens in communities with no prior access to gardens. Kathy loves living in Westchester and treasures the open space. She actively rides her horse on the trail system and without preservation we would not be blessed with 130 miles of connecting trails. To help their mission to support conservation and preservation of our green areas, Kathy serves on the Advisory Board of The Westchester Land Trust and co-chaired the auction committee for the annual gala's in 2006 and 2007.

SPCA of Westchester, Briarcliff, New York - No Kill Shelter:
County and city sponsored shelters have very high kill rates - often 75% and higher. Supporting no-kill shelters which are well-run and actively place the rescued pets is critical. The poor economy has meant more people losing jobs and homes and animals being abandoned or turned in to high kill shelters. In 2011, there was a 35% increase in the number of animals abandoned in shelters.  Chapin Hill has supported the SPCA as a corporate sponsor at their annual "Top Hat & Tails" Gala. Kathy's dogs have attended the gala in-costume as the event is hosted for people and their pets at the Ritz Carlton in White Plains. The company has donated internships at the company to the auction annually.

In December, 2011, Kathy organized a 2-week adoption/fundraising event in Bedford and Pound Ridge through the Bedford-Armonk Rotary Club. The event was very successful as it raised $1900 in cash donations and over $5000 in-kind donations and adopted out 3 dogs! In July, 2011, Kathy organized a "Could Your Pet be a Star" contest, through the Bedford-Armonk Rotary Club's July 4th Jamboree. The contest raised $250, adopted out several dogs and was successful in spreading the mission of the SPCA!

A New Chance Animal Rescue:
Founded in December 2011 by Sharon and Sophie Silverman, A New Chance reaches out to high-kill shelters primarily in the South and brings puppies and dogs up North to be fostered until permanent homes are found. These dogs are often saved from a painful death, including mass euthanization through gas chambers or heart sticking, a process where a needle with drugs is directly inserted into the heart of a dog. Kathy assisted the organization with pro-bono consulting to help outline the mission statement, fundraising strategies, cash flow analysis and connections with potential sponsors. She actively volunteers and meets the transports to get the incoming dogs acclimated and transported to their new foster homes as well as volunteers at their adoption events.