Finding a trusted advisor is a daunting task for many investors. Evaluating an advisor's services, ability to communicate, their dedication to each client, their ability to protect a client's investments and transparency on investing all present challenges for investors to evaluate.

Our consulting services often serve a dual purpose for our clients. By contracting to evaluate their risk profile, evaluate their current strategy and managers, assess their needs for liquidity going forward and coming up with solutions for multiple possible scenarios if a value added service in and of its own.

However, this consulting process also allows a client to get to know us. Do we speak their language? Communicate effectively and in a manner the client wants?

This process allows us to get to know the client very well providing us with the ability to create a tailored and personal investment approach. The depth of knowledge of a family's personal goals and history allows us to provide a value added advice going forward on a range of issues.


Family Diagnostic
Families who are part of or were part of a family business face unique risks and dynamics. Each family unit has their own goals, financial and personal objectives but are very often own a share in a family investment such as real estate holdings, a management company, an operating business, private equity or trusts holding assets.

Chapin Hill Advisors approach is to work with either one family unit or multiple family units to determine their short and long term financial and personal goals. We assess how much risk and potential for return exists in their current family holdings as well as individual investments.

We often bring members of a team of our strategic resources to assist the family in analyzing their current and future situation, assess current and future potential risks and create a strategy to create a roadmap for each family unit to mitigate some or all the risks which could derail their financial security as well as quantify their future goals.

Our strategic resource team is brought in as needed and might be the family counselor working with inter-family dynamics, the business valuation expert to value all or parts of the familyÕs holdings, the business coach, the consultant offering strategic advisory services related to an ongoing business which may be a sale in the future as well as the trust and estate attorneys and possibly CPAÕs if needed.

By beginning with a top down approach to each familyÕs personal goals and the complexion of their own family unit, it is easier to assess their personal risk tolerance, cash flow needs and to create a strategy going forward for a tailored asset allocation.


Financial Life Assessment
When planning their next vacation, many people spend a vast amount of time and energy choosing the destination, accommodations, activities, length, transportation, and how to keep the kids amused while the adults have some fun too.

Yet, we have found so many spend little time really delving in to their personal financial roadmap.

Our approach to family diagnostics and financial life assessments is to combine real-life risks and challenges which can face each family unit and combine those with the financial picture and multiple sets of future possibilities.

We review the total picture - up and down generations - to assess risk which could impede or possibly derail the family's financial security.

Our unique and proprietary approach is to evaluate worst case, moderate and best case scenarios and outline the risks which need to be addressed. We present a matrix of risks we have determined exist in the client's life along with a timeline and action steps. We remain in the picture after delivery of a plan to keep the client focused on executing action steps.

The client agrees to a timeline and the CHA team does its best to help the client execute and assess various solutions along the way. On the anniversary of the plan start date, we reassess the client's position and evaluate what actions have been accomplished and what new areas must be addressed. This approach allows the client to evaluate their progress and tailor the projections as life changes.


Portfolio Review
Second opinions in the field of medicine and legal areas are common for people to seek. In the investment world where hindsight is 20/20 but the future is fraught with uncertainty, having a second opinion can provide insight and awareness to a client.

Often a fresh look, a macro overview and a professional review can lend value to the client. Chapin Hill provides portfolio reviews which start with a macro overview and compare the current allocation and past performance to an appropriate benchmark. Our reviews begin at the macro level and then drill down in to the details. We take cost basis, tax, short term and long term strategies, costs, fees, overlap in portfolio construction and more as well as a list of recommended action steps provides the client with a fee-based review for an in-depth "second opinion".


Consulting Services
Family Office

Chapin Hill provides consulting services to families and family offices in both the “hard” and “soft” areas. In the hard services arena, Chapin Hill can help families assess their overall asset allocation, assess strength of individual managers, overlap between managers and sectors as well as the family’s hard assets and core business assets.

Chapin Hill Advisors will work with the family to review their overall goals and decide on allocations between traditional and alternative investments as well as direct investments into real estate, private equity, start-up business ventures and other types of investment vehicles. Chapin Hill works with the families to set up appropriate benchmarks, expectations for performance, potential holding periods, additional capital allocations, risk tolerance, liquidity and review processes.

Chapin Hill Advisors may assist a family or family office in finding a suitable alternative investment or private equity investment to complement their current holdings.

In the “soft” arena, Chapin Hill Advisors and their expert resources assist families address issues such as sibling rivalry, family governance policies, education of children, pre-nuptial agreements, extended family arrangements, integrating adopted children, creating equitable distribution strategies and more.


Succession Planning
Chapin Hill Advisors works with closely held businesses and their owners to create succession plans. Our advisors will review with the owners what their ideal strategy would be, whether an outright sale is right or selling a division, a property, splitting up the company, maintaining real estate while selling the operating business, passing the business down to the next generation, etc.

Closely held businesses lend themselves to specific strategies to enable the owners to transfer shares at discounted valuations. This can be a valuable estate planning technique. Very often, the business is the largest asset of the family and preparing for estate tax liability is a necessity if the business is going to transfer to the next generation successfully.

Chapin Hill will help the owners address the question of “how much is enough” to maintain their personal lifestyle and think about life post-business. We will address the soft areas such as what activities an owner may wish to pursue post-business, what family members work in the business and are they the most qualified, issues surrounding children of multiple families working together going forward, expertise of various generations as well as the possibility of establishing a family office.

Chapin Hill will bring in their circle of trusted advisors such as valuation experts, trust and estate planning attorneys, corporate attorneys, real estate appraisers, family counselors and others to help the family address the entire breadth of issues surrounding succession.


Non-Profits Consulting
In 2011, the 275,000 not for profits lost their federal tax exempt status. Depending on who is counting and whether they include endowments and foundations, there are approximately $1,600,000 not for profit organizations currently registered in the U.S. New guidelines have been set in most of States requiring the organization to be in compliance with UPMIFA (uniform prudent management of institutional funds act). Not for profit endowments and other pools of capital are also required to be managed according to the guidelines of the Prudent Investor Rule.

Scrutiny by the various regulators is increasing and penalties will continue to increase for those organizations not in compliance.

Chapin Hill Advisors offers consulting services to the mid-sized non-profit organization to help them navigate the world of finance and compliance. The execution of the mission as well as the cultivation of donors all too often leaves little time for staff and board members to concentrate on these important areas.

Chapin Hill Advisors can assist with a portion of the process such as current and future cash flow analysis, planned giving strategies, asset allocation and portfolio reviews as well as a full complement of services.

We often reach out to our Strategic Resources to assist in implementation of specific strategies such as planned giving, legal experts in non-profit law, board governance experts, board search firms and other experts to deliver coordinated and tailored expertise to the non-profit organization.


Same-Sex Consulting
Same sex couples face unique issues in their planning as they do not benefit from the same estate tax and inheritance tax exemptions which benefit heterosexual couples. Therefore, careful thought and planning is needed to evaluate the best way to protect each partner in the event of a premature death or illness of their partner.

Chapin Hill's approach to Life Assessments helps couples plan for their future and create a roadmap. We take in to account lifestyle, both discretionary and non-discretionary expenses, titling and ownership of assets, titles and ownership of assets, beneficiary designations and the tax effects of inheriting money from a partner. We illustrate multiple sets of possible future scenarios and present various strategies to attempt to mitigate risks.

We review the broad spectrum of risks unique to planning for a secure future for same sex couples including health insurance coverage, succession planning, power of attorney designees and other critical issues as well as planning for children if they are in the picture.

We address both macro and micro issues and review who would be the best guardian for children as well as trustees if needed. Our approach is unique, takes in to account preference for lifestyle and the different backgrounds and temperament of each partner as we plan for a secure future.


Transition Planning
An ideal time for one to take stock of their personal financial picture is when facing a life transition. Divorce, loss of a spouse or partner, receiving an inheritance, selling a home or property, selling a business or planning for a sale, having children... All of these life events are a great time to stop, measure, take stock and think about the future.

Is your current advisor providing you with the best advice and what you need? Have they helped you plan out your lifestyle, expenses, review inflation and risk tolerance and tailor your portfolio to your specific goals and objectives?

How much will this transition affect your current and future lifestyle? Are you now free to enjoy some of your personal passions? Will you now have time to play golf or tennis, take that cruise, visit those exotic locales or help out others? Or are you worried about your new single life, your children and whether you should sell your home and move?

Chapin Hill Advisors' process in a Life Assessment can help you determine your future lifestyle needs, factor in inflation, additional expenses, assess what risks might derail your plans and review whether your investment portfolio is positioned to support your future goals.

Our goal is to take in to account your personal "real life" issues, assess multiple possible outcomes and review strategies to mitigate possible risks and help you plan out a secure future.